Monday, October 24, 2005

Labuan Trip and New Underwear

3rd Visit to Labuan
I visited Labuan again for the third time since its status being a Federal Territory. I was there in 2004 and 2003. As usual my visit is for official duty. This time it is the puasa month, so activities had to be minumim. Stayed at Beta Service apartment in Ujana Kewangan. It was a three room service apartment and I took the master bedroom.
The first night I was alone, since my friends will arrive only two days after. As usual checked-in and settle down. Stripped naked and move around in the nude. I love to be nude whenever I am alone. Later that nightwent out to buy some food for the sahur later in the night because I am going to fast the next day. After buying packed rice took a walk towards the town. As usual walk to the park in front of Victoria Hotel. Theres a fitness centre at Victoria Hotel. As Iwalk in the semi darkness of the park, a lady approaches me and I could sense she is looking for a customer. Since it is tha Ramadhan, I try to avoid from the sexual side. Ignored her.
When my friends came we go to a pub Popin. there are many Filipino girls teenagers and early twenties. Make contact with a girl name Bette and got her phone number. Her rate is RM 250 for an overnight. Just imagine how much food I can buy with RM 250. Maybe two weeks of hearty meals. And spending RM 250 for sex is too much. Thanks god my iman is still strong and maybe because of the Ramadhan. Drink a glass of Coke, my usual drink in those kind of place. I don't drink and don't smoke.
While out shopping I came across an interesting underwear. It has a zippered crotch and you can just unzip it before pullung out your dick. But remember don't hurry, your dick head or skin might get caught in the zipper when you pull it back.


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